Visa Checklist for UK students

It is important to consider the following when preparing & applying for Tier 4 visa.

List of supporting documents you need are:

  1. Bank statement(s)
  2. Funds
  3. Previous Certificate
  4. English language certificate
  5. CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)
  6. Additional Document(s)
  7. Passport(s)
  8. ATAS
  9. Translation(s)

1. Bank statement(s)/FD/Loan Letter

  1. Bank statement(s)

    The statement(s) must be original and shows all the followings:

    1. Your name
    2. Your account number
    3. The date of the statement
    4. The bank’s name and logo
    5. The closing balance
    6. Clearly shows funds were held for 28 consecutive days and last transaction was within last 30 days of when you are submitting your visa application. It is your responsibility to speak to your bank and to make sure that your bank statements contain all of this information. If your statements do not include this information, your application may be refused.
  2. Bank FD

    If you are using Fix deposit that the cover letter from bank is must. The letter must have been issued within 31 days of the date of your visa application and At least 28 days must have elapsed between the date of the deposit and the date of issue of the certificate. It should have

    1. Account holder name
    2. Your account number
    3. The date of issue
    4. Date of maturity
    5. The bank’s name and logo
    6. Amount

    It should also say:

    • That there is no loan against this FDR
    • The amount is unconditionally available and can be liquidated at any point of time by the deposit holders.
    • That there was no withdrawn of deposit to the above FD account in the last 28 days.
  3. Bank Loan Letter

    If you are using the bank loan the loan should be in your name only. The loan letter should show

    The letter should confirm:

    • Your name (you cannot use a loan letter in a parent’s name)
    • The date (the letter must be no more than 6 months old)
    • The financial institution’s name and logo
    • The amount of money available as a loan
    • Confirmation that the funds will be available to you directly before you travel to the UK
    • Confirmation that there are no conditions placed on the release of the funds other than your Tier 4 visa application being successful.

    The loan funds can alternatively be paid directly to the University for Tuition Fees. If so, the loan letter must contain all the information as stated above but also confirm

    • The funds will be paid directly to the University to cover tuition fees before you travel to the UK, and that the remaining amount for living expenses will be paid directly to you before you travel to the UK.

    In case you are using parent’s bank statements/FD - parent's bank statements must include:

    • The name of your parent(s)
    • The account number
    • The date of the statement
    • The financial institution's name and logo
    • The amount of money available

    (in UK pounds, using www.oanda.com/convert/classic as the currency converter)

    You must also send:

    • your birth certificate, showing the name of your parent(s) OR
    • a certificate of adoption showing your name and the name of your parent(s)

    You must also send (Sponsorship Letter) an original signed and dated letter from your parent(s) or legal guardian showing how much money they will give to you and confirming:

    • the relationship between you and your parent(s) or/guardian(s) AND
    • that your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have given their consent to the money being available to you for the purposes of studying in the UK.

    If your Birth Certificate is not in English Please get that translated and also attach Original with that - If you do not send all these documents, your application may be refused.

  4. Funds

    How much funds should student show in their bank account or parents’ bank account?

    Maintenance £9135 for Outer London and £11385 for inner London plus first year’s tuition fees this amount must be held in their bank account or parents’ bank account for 28 consecutive days before they apply for Tier 4 (general) visa.

  5. Previous Certificate

    These previous qualification(s) are listed on their CAS in “Your Qualification Information” section of the CAS.

    You need to submit all the documents what is stated in this section. Failure to do so will lead to visa refusal.

  6. English language certificate

    If student has appeared for UKVI IELTS and has submitted an English Language certificate to obtain an offer at University then their CAS will show it. If yes then mention English Language details in visa application


    Mention : My education provider is HEI and had made its own assessment

  7. CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)
  8. Additional Supporting Documents

    You can attach last 3 years ITR of parents /the company only if its above 5 lacs

  9. Passport(s)

    Student must submit a current and valid passport and any passports that student still have which was used to travel to the UK. If passport is renewed then CAS must be updated to show new passport details. Always let Admissions team know if passport is changed or renewed.

  10. ATAS

    Students must check their offer letter from University. Their offer letter will indicate if they need to apply for ATAS or not. If their offer letter shows that they need an ATAS then student MUST apply for ATAS clearance certificate well in advance before applying for visa.

    It will take up 20 working days to receive ATAS clearance certificate.

  11. Translation(s)

    If applying for Tier 4 visa in the UK, where a document is not in English or Welsh, the original document must be accompanied by a fully certified translation by a professional translator/translation company. This translation must include:

    • be made by a professional translator or translation company
    • include details of the translator or translation company credentials
    • include confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document
    • include the translator/translation company’s contact details
    • include the date
    • include the translator’s original signature and full name or the signature and full name of an authorised official of the translation company

    Translation must be original, copies or scan copies are not acceptable.

    Please note that you will also have to attach the original with this in visa application file.