Parent Consent Letter (Under 18 Student)

Tier 4 Visa: Additional Documents forStudents aged 16 or 17

If you are aged 16or 17 years old and are applying for a Tier 4 visa then you must include thefollowing additional documents with your visa application:

A letter ofconsent from your parent(s)or legal guardian(s) confirming that you have their consent to study in the UK.

Evidence of therelationship between youand your parent(s) or legal guardian(s). You must provide both documents. They must beoriginal and meet the specific 



I, (Father Name),and I, (Mother name), confirm that


Ø  we are the (parents / legal guardians) of(Student name) ;

Ø  we give our consent to (Student name) toapply for (his / her) immigration permission or student visa in the UK;

Ø  we agree with the living arrangements thathave been made for (student name);

Ø  we consent to (student name) livingindependently in the UK and to travel independently


We confirm thatwe share legal custody for (student name).


Please contact usif any additional information is required.


Yours faithfully




(Signature)                                                                                     (Signature)

(Date)                                                                                              (Date)

(Father name)                                                                                (Mothername)