Ultimate guide of Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Indian Students

Ultimate guide of Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Indian Students

Statement of purpose also known as a SOP  is nothing but  a representation of your personality to the admission authority or admission committee of the university.  SOP will help you to address the admission committee that you deserve the chance to study in their University.  SOP contains traits of your personality, your academic documents  as well as your academic goals.

Ultimate guide of Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Indian Students

Ultimate guide of Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Indian Students

This will actually help the interviewer to understand who you are in your personal life and what kind of reasons are motivating you to choose that particular University for your higher education.  A student should also write about the incidences that have a deep effect to choose the particular domain of study as well as the particular country  for the study. 

SOP’s importance

Writing a very beautiful SOP is extremely important because it will help to impress the University of  authority. A good SOP will definitely create an impact.  SOP should not contain academic scores or any kind of backlogs if you have in your academics. It should contain subjective and the motivation behind your career choice.  You can think of a SOP  as a   document that will prove that you deserve to study here and you have something unique that makes you stand out from the crowd.

How to write the best SOP?

A typical university receives more than 1000 applications every year  and you need to write an SOP that will stand out from the crowd.  your SOP should be clear to the point while the language is easy to understand and has no grammatical errors. You should also consider writing the SOP in a very lucid format considering the ideal word limit for the SOP.  Your SOP should contain information about the domain of your study, why you have chosen this domain and what incidents  have led to this decision. It should also contain the experiences that you have gained in your Academics,  learning from your Academics.  It is necessary to understand that a SOP for MS or undergraduate is different from a SOP for MBA.

How long a statement of purpose should be?

A SOP  should be not more than 1 or 2 pages and the word limit should be  approximately 1000 words. Universities around the world prefer SOP  with 1000 to 500 words but exceeding this limit of words may reduce the  retention of the reader. Statement of purpose is nothing but a story of your life experience and you are only explaining that to the reader. 

Format of the SOP 

SOP  should be written in a particular format to keep the reader interested in reading it. It should contain a few paragraphs  that will  explain your story.  It should start with an introduction  then academic background,  career choice,  domain of study, future goals, reason behind the particular University, conclusion. 
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